Justin Hills imagine: Naughty Teacher


Justin Hills was sitting at the oval shaped table, listening to the principle talk about the new school events. His attention was completely on the principle, until he saw you walk by. You glanced through the glass walls, and rolled your eyes. 

Just as you were about to turn the corner to sit in the room across the hall you caught yourself staring into the eyes of Mr. Hills. The most attractive man you had ever seen, most attractive teacher at your school too.

You gave him a smile and quickly walked into the other room and sat down. Only problem with that was you couldn’t hide from him since the walls were glass in this school.

Justin couldn’t stop looking at you, all he could think about was how sexy he thought you were in those shorts and that tight shirt that showed just the right amount of cleavage. His mind instantly moved to the image of making love to you.

He grabbed your waist and pulled you tight up against him. Kissing you from the bottom of your neck, + all the way up to your ear.

“You’re so sexy.” He whispered into your ear before he started biting your earlobe.

You felt yourself getting wet, and even though he was a teacher you couldn’t help but want this. You rubbed your hands from his shoulders all the way down to the zipper on his pants, unzipped them and lowered yourself while pulling them down for him.

“(Y/N), I’m going to make you cum so much.” He said after he dropped his boxers. You stared at the big hard cock in front of you and then began to suck it. Getting faster every second.

You stood back up and Justin picked you up. Wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his naked waist he carried you to the bed, kissing you the entire way. He grabbed your shirt and yanked it over your head, and then grabbed both your panties and shorts at the same time and quickly pulled them down off your legs.

“Fuck me, Mr. Hills.” You begged. “Fuck me hard” you said and watched as his eyes moved looking at your entire body.

He put his hand on your thigh and slid it up until your clit, stopping briefly to rub it. He put just enough pressure in the rubbing that you let out a moan. Suddenly he was sucking your left nipple, oh god it felt good. You felt as he teased your entrance with his forefinger.

“Oh, yes” you moaned as he stuck not one, but two fingers inside. He kept sucking, going back and forth from one nipple to the other while fingering your pussy even harder.

“I can’t take it anymore” you said, grabbing his arm and pulling it so he would stop fingering you. “just put your cock inside of me, now.” You demanded. He grinned knowing he did exactly what he wanted to do to you, tease you with foreplay until you were begging for more.

He grabbed your legs and lifted them, spreading them apart. First he lowered himself and lightly sucked on your clit, fuck he was good. You closed your eyes and moaned, and in that moment you felt his cock thrust into you.

“Harder! Fuck me!” you screamed as he continued to fuck you, getting faster and deeper. You couldn’t help but dig your nails into his back, or tangle your fingers in his hair. You could feel yourself getting close to orgasm and by the look in his eyes he was close to exploding too.

“Oh, Justin, yes.” You heard yourself scream as you came, just after that you felt Justin explode inside of you too.

“Damn, that was better than I imagined.” He said as he collapsed on top of you. You felt him smile against your chest and all you could do was lay there with a smile on your face too.

“Mr. Hills? Mr. Hills! Are you contributing in this discussion?” the principle said snapping him back into reality and away from his thought of you in bed with him.

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