Ben, Danny & James Imagine: Hotel fun

The three of them each had a bottle of liquor to themselves and to add to the party vibe going through the hotel room they decided it would be a good idea to light up a joint and get high.

"You guys are going to be so sick." you said as you watched them pass the joint around and then take a swig from their bottle to get rid of the dryness brought on by the smoke.

"I think you need to join us." Ben said as he held the joint out to you. You took it and gave it a puff, choking as you passed it to Danny as they laughed.

"Like a true beginner." You heard James say. It hit you pretty quick and you enjoyed the feeling.

"Alright let’s get a game going." Danny said standing up with his bottle of tequila and stumbling over to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and pulled out a deck of playing cards. 

"You know how to play poker?" James asked you finishing the joint and putting it out.

"A little bit." You admitted. You were honestly quite shit at the game but didn’t want to be left out. Danny sat with a cigarette in his mouth as he shuffled and dealt out the cards.

"Alright you all know the rules, loser strips." Danny said as you all picked up your hands. The game was pretty nerve racking as everyone slowly made their way down to their undergarments.

"Alright, I’m out." You said as you put your cards down and pushed your chair away from the table, not wanting to lose your bra or panties.

"You can’t just leave in the middle of the game!" Ben said as he turned to you.

"Yeah get your ass back here (Y/N). I wanna see some titties." James said as he looked at you over his cards.

"I think we should spank her with this." Danny said as he produced the double ended dildo. You looked at him wide eyed as the other two smirked and James busted out laughing. They all stood and you smiled and backed away as they advanced on you.

"Alright I’ll keep playing!" you said as you held your arms up. Ben grabbed you and threw you face down on the bed. He pulled your panties off and you felt the heavy, rubber dildo hit your ass hard. You felt someone kiss the tender spot and rub your ass. You felt yourself began to get wet at the thought of the three of them.

"Can I see that?" James deep voice asked. You turned your head to see what was going on behind you when you felt him spread your legs and thrust something into you. You let out a startled gasp and clawed at the bed sheets as something was thrust in and out of you. 

"Oh she likes it." You heard Ben say and then the bed sunk in on either side of you as Ben and Danny appeared by your head.

"Grab me a shirt." Danny said to Ben and he went to retrieve one. He handed it to Danny and then Danny proceeded to wrap it around your head and use it as a type of gag. Ben sat again, this time without his boxers on and took your hand, placing it on his erect cock. You began to stroke him as James continued with the dildo.

"Alright James what hole do you want?" Danny asked as he lifted you up and wedged himself underneath you in the 69 position.

"I definitely want her ass." He said as he pulled the dildo out and tossed it on the bed. You felt him spread your ass cheeks and thrust into you as Danny began to lick and suck your already throbbing clit. Danny’s dick rested on your shoulder and you decided to take him in your hand as well and stroke him. He moaned against you and you felt a chill go up your spine at the pleasure. As your pleasure built your grip on their dicks increased and you felt them quiver under.

"Holy fuck, I’m gonna cum." Ben said and you watched him grip the bed sheets as he sat with his eyes closed and tensed up against the head board. 

"Oh my god." James deep voice said as he gripped and squeezed your ass cheeks. You could feel yourself begin to tighten up in your abdomen, ready to release all over Danny’s face.

"Shit, shit!" Ben yelled and you felt him twitch in your hand and then his cum shot out and landed on the bed and your arm. You let go of him and he stood to put his boxers on and lit a cigarette as he watched the other two finish up. You bit down on the gag as you felt yourself release on Danny and he licked you clean.

"Ow, fuck off Danny." You heard James moan as Danny chuckled against your pussy. You felt James release into your ass before he bent over onto your back in a panting mess.

"James move, you asshole." You heard Danny say underneath you, no doubt being squished. James got off you and you began to stroke Danny fast and hard. He moaned and released, his cum shooting right up into your face. You rolled off him and undid the shirt, reaching for anything to drink to get your mouth re hydrated and the cotton taste out of it.

"Well that was interesting." Ben said as he puffed away on his cigarette with a smile.

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